OpenStreetMap Data

The OpenStreetMap project has collected an amazing amount of geodata and made it available to the world for free. But the raw OpenStreetMap data is hard to use. On this web site you'll find some of that OpenStreetMap data, but it has been pre-processed and formatted for easier use.

Pre-processing includes removing or fixing of wrong data and assembling of different parts of the data into a usable whole. The data is formatted into Shapefiles for easy use in the usual GIS applications.

The data available here constitutes only a small fraction of all the OpenStreetMap data. If people like this service, more data might be added later. The original OpenStreetMap data is available from and there are several other providers of data extracts.

All of the data on this site was created from OpenStreetMap data so it is available under the same conditions as the OpenStreetMap data itself. See the license info for more details.

This is a new service and I need your feedback to improve it. Tell me what you are doing with the data and how it works for you. And because it is such as new service data formats, file names, etc. might change at any time.

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