Generalized coastlines

Linestrings of coastlines as well as land and water polygons generalized for rendering well readable maps at low zoom levels. Small details have been removed while maintaining and enlarging key features.


The original OpenStreetMap coastline data contains a lot of detail that badly affects readability of maps at coarse scales. In the files available here the geometries have been generalized to remove small details unnecessary for rendering at these levels. Learn more about coastline generalization...

Generalization is specific for the map projection used - currently this is available only in Mercator projection.

Note geometries in these files extend beyond the limits of the projection in x-direction to allow seamless rendering of maps. As a result these files cannot be reprojected into other coordinate systems.


Land polygons, water polygons and coastlines are available separately. All variants contain separate files with a level of generalization designed for a certain web map zoom level. Due to processing details the land and water polygons do not match exactly but the mismatch should usually be negligible at the target zoom levels. The coastlines match the land polygons.

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30 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2018-09-25 12:42
coastlines generalized for z=1-8
30 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2018-09-25 12:41
land polygons generalized for z=1-8
29 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2018-09-25 12:42
water polygons generalized for z=1-8


These processings are made available under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license. They are based on data that is copyright OpenStreetMap contributors and available under the ODbL. More...


The coastline in OpenStreetMap is often broken. The update process will try to repair it, but this does not always work. If the OSM data can't be repaired automatically, the data here will not be updated.

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