Water Polygons

Polygons for oceans, seas and large bodies of inland water. Polygons are split into smaller overlapping chunks that are easier and faster to work with.


The data has been derived from OpenStreetMap ways tagged with natural=coastline. Ways are assembled into polygons and then split. Some errors in the OSM data are repaired in the process.

This dataset only contains bodies of water bordered by ways tagged natural=coastline, it does not contain lakes, reservoirs, etc. tagged with natural=water etc.

Where polygons have been split they overlap slightly to help avoiding rendering artefacts at the seams.

This data contains all the detail available in OSM. For small scale maps (small zoom levels) it might be too detailed and therefore slow to use. In this case consider using Natural Earth Data instead.


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368 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: WGS84, Last update: 2015-04-19 19:41
(Large polygons are split)
392 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2015-04-19 19:43
(Large polygons are split)


Data is copyright OpenStreetMap contributors and available under the ODbL. More...


The coastline in OpenStreetMap is often broken. The update process will try to repair it, but this does not always work. If the OSM data can't be repaired automatically, the data here will not be updated.

This data is generated with OSMCoastline. This program has many options to tweak its output. If the data you are getting here is not quite the right thing, try running the program yourself with different options.