Reduced waterbodies as polygons

Polygon data representing the global waterbodies reduced in data volume for efficient plain color rendering at low zoom levels with less styling limitations.


These files are generated from the OpenStreetMap data of inland surface water and the coastline water polygons. The process used to generate these files produces both a raster and a polygon vector representation. Here you can find the polygon version, the raster files are available on a separate page.

This process is specific to the map projection used as well as the rendering resolution - currently this is available only in Mercator projection and for Mercator zoom levels 0 to 6 at a resolution of 256×256 pixel per tile.

Polygons are split according to the tile division sceme and feature attributes indicating the x, y and z coordinate of the tile they are meant for.


Separate polygon sets are produced for different classes of surface water.

  • Ocean polygons representing areas mapped as coastline in OpenStreetMap.
  • Lake polygons representing the lakes and other bodies of standing water.
  • River polygons representing river and artificial canal areas.

Since the data is meant to be rendered without visible gaps between the different types of waterbody the lake and river polygons are not suited to be rendered alone without the ocean polygons. Oceans and lakes together can however be used without the rivers if desired.

Using this data

To use this data in an OpenStreetMap based map download the shapefiles below, include them as separate layers in your map style, each file specifically for the zoom level it is meant for and limit use of the normal full resolution waterbody and ocean polygon data to the higher zoom levels. You should render the lakes above the rivers and the ocean above the lakes. Note while you can style this data just like the normal full detail data it is not intended to be rendered with an outline.

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27 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2019-04-24 18:10
Ocean polygons
111 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2019-04-24 18:09
Lake polygons
35 MB
Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator, Last update: 2019-04-24 18:10
River polygons


Data is copyright OpenStreetMap contributors and available under the ODbL. More...

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