About this site

OpenStreetMapData.com provides geodata based on information from OpenStreetMap, processed for easier use for rendering maps and other purposes.

There are several download options on this site. See the information about available projections and formats. All data available here is updated regularly based on the latest changes in OpenStreetMap using processing techniques developed by us and Open Source software.


All of the data on this site is derived from the original OpenStreetMap data and is available under open licenses. See the license page for more details.

Because the data is directly derived from OpenStreetMap data, errors in OSM data will appear in this data, too. Don't ask us to fix those errors, you can do that in OpenStreetMap yourself.

You can get the original OpenStreetMap data from the official download site at planet.openstreetmap.org.

Need something more?

If you need other data than what is available here - we prepared a list of other possibilities to get OpenStreetMap data. You also have the possibility to support this site in various ways that will enable us to provide additional data sets.