Data formats

Most data available on this site currently uses the popular Shapefile format. Other formats might be added in the future.


This is a popular format for GIS data. Each layer consists of a set of files. For easy download all the files are packed into a zip archive. The archive contains the following files:

LAYER.shpFeature geometries
LAYER.shxFeature geometry index
LAYER.dbfFeature attributes
LAYER.prjProjection used
LAYER.cpgCode page for character encoding
READMEInformation about this layer

All string attributes use the Unicode UTF-8 character encoding, the same as the OpenStreetMap data.

See the Wikipedia for more details about this format.

GeoTIFF raster image

Raster data is currently made available in GeoTIFF format with Deflate compression.

See the GeoTIFF standard page for more details about this format.