Other OpenStreetMap data sources

The data available here constitutes only a small fraction of all the OpenStreetMap data. All OpenStreetMap data together is available from planet.openstreetmap.org. Processing this data directly is, however, often challenging and requires significant resources.

Small amounts of data of specific types

You only need a small amount of data for a specific type of feature and possibly only in a small area (like all buildings in a village or all mountain peaks in the Black Forest)? A convenient tool is Overpass turbo which helps you design queries for the Overpass API. Overpass is a powerfull and fast way to query all kinds of subsets of OpenStreetMap data.

Regional extracts of OpenStreetMap data

Our friends at Geofabrik offer extracts of OpenStreetMap data for every continent, most countries in the world and, for many countries, regions inside that country. Check out their download site for free downloads.

Development of new processings for OpenStreetMapData.com

You need some data similar to what's available in our data set list, something that requires some amount of processing to be derived from the raw OpenStreetMap data, but unfortunately it is not yet available here? You can commission us to develop the necessary tools and have it added to this site. This way you get the data you need and at the same time support OpenStreetMapData.com.