Supporting this site

Creating and running, developing the tools behind it and running and maintaining the processing to generate up-to-date files on a regular basis takes a lot of time and resources.

Therefore we need Your support to be able to provide these services. There are a number of ways you can do that.

Make a donation

We welcome donations of money - either via Paypal using the link on the right or (in case you are living in the Euro zone) you can contact us for bank details. If the data you find here is useful for you and helps you to produce better maps or saves you the time and resources to do your own processing, please consider a donation.

Commission additional data processings

We provide a number of data sets created by processing OpenStreetMap data, but of course there are many more useful types of data that could be generated based on information in OpenStreetMap. We do not have enough free time to follow all these possibilities but if you are interested in some kind of data and are willing to pay for developing the tools to produce this from information in OpenStreetMap it can be included in the collection.

Become a sponsor

If you use data from on a regular basis and rely on the regular updates we provide for up-to-date information in your own products and services you should consider becoming a sponsor of By making a financial contribution in regular intervals you help ensuring continued availability of this service.

Provide feedback

And of course we also welcome feedback if you find the data provided here useful. If you let us know what you think and how you use the data this helps us providing a better service.